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Message from our Team.

Welcome to GFG Finance web site.  Now that you have found your way to our website we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our organization.  We trust that you will find the site both informative and helpful to bringing you one step closer to finding your own working capital solution.

  • GFG Finance is a boutique working capital finance provider with specific focus on funding working capital requirements for small to medium sized companies.
  • Our market niche is targeted and specific, with the funding of Receivables the prime market that we have focused on in our objectives to deliver a working capital funding solution.

GFG Finance identified a gap in the market that the larger banks were not actively pursuing and GFG Finance was established to fill this gap, to provide a cost effective alternative working capital lending facility.  Utilizing the spread of Receivables as partial security for the lending GFG Finance have reduced the need for our clients to provide Real security for their entire facility exposure.

GFG Finance is a competitively priced alternative to bank borrowing once you take into account the cost of Real property security not being essential to the funding process, Tangible security that clients can utilise elsewhere  in their business model to deliver growth to their business via long term capital funding.

GFG Finance does not provide long term funding, our funding is a short-term lending facility that provides funding of our Client’s Receivable book, that in turn allows Client’s Payables to be paid timelier and deliver additional savings to our clients in purchasing negotiations.

GFG Finance is a solution funder, we tailor make a package that’s suits our clients deliver their services efficiently and cost effectively.


“Working Capital Solutions” for our clients, that is what we focus on and what we do best.

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