Accounts Receivable Funding

Construction Industry

  • We fund from 80 – 90% of selected Accounts Receivables.
  • Client selects which Debtors they want to fund.
  • Receivable Insurance can be factored into interest rate and % funded.
  • Fund by Debtor or invoice, no requirement to offer entire Receivables Book.
  • Funding for up to 120 days by agreement.
  • Approved Receivables only funded, and on a case by case basis.
  • Receivables formally assigned to GFG Finance.
  • Debtor receipts credited to GFG Finance controlled bank account held in our Client’s name.
  • Progress Claims contracts and/or Maintenance contracts acceptable.
  • GFG Finance reserve the right to accept or reject specific Receivables

Broiler Farm Industry

  • We fund from 70 – 90% of batch projected Revenue.
  • Funding for individual batches, not all batches required to be funded.
  • We fund what Clients choose for up to 90 days.
  • Funding application for each batch made by Client.
  • Batches rights to payment formally assigned to GFG Finance.
  • Batch payments credited to GFG Finance controlled bank account in our Client’s name.
  • GFG Finance reserve the right to accept or reject specific Batches as desired.

How it works

The difference means money in your pocket.

  • On a daily basis our Client offers to assign the rights of payment for its invoices raised on Debtors.
  • GFG Finance will receive a list of invoices and approve the funding at its discretion.
  • The following day GFG Finance will fund 70-90% against the agreed total invoice value including GST.
  • Payment of the funding will be available for drawdown and upon request paid directly into Client’s nominated bank account.
  • On receipt of payment from Client’s Debtors the gap payment will be made to the clients nominate bank account.
  • Once payment has been received and the gap payment disbursed to Client the transaction is complete.
  • In the event of a Debtor/Batch receipt not being received within 120 days and 90 days respectively the funded amount shall be reduced immediately from the available funding for drawdowns by Client.
  • A monthly reconciliation together with a detailed Debtor listing will be made available by the Client to GFG Finance for approval showing all discrepancies between GFG Finance ledger and Clients Receivable ledger.

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